All portraits are a single image; drawn in pencil and hand painted in gouache on Lanaquerlle 140lbs hot press paper. My portraits are painterly and have brush strokes. Any pencil markings related to the “painted portrait” fall under the category of “artistic impression.” All text is rendered in pencil only. (The text for samples on my website are only rendered in marker for photographic purposes).

My portrait work should not be confused with caricaturists, cartoonists or street portrait artists. I have exhibited internationally and my work is collected by major corporations and museums. Each portrait is a unique and individualized work of art that will appreciate in value.


  • 9 x 7” paper size $110 (unframed only)

This size is limited to: artist's initials only on the silhouette and text portrait and standard colors-black, red, pink, light blue, orange, kelly green, violet and yellow.

---------- Discounted Retail prices on the following sizes only ---------

  • 12 x 9” paper size framed size 15.5 x 12.5” $450 now $225
    unframed $400 now $175
  • 19 x 15” paper size framed size 21 x 17” $750 now $400
    unframed $675 now $325

The above two sizes include full signature, full color selection, “float” mounting on 2-ply Reisen museum board and black or white frames

** Prices do not include tax and S & H
** 1-3 week turn around.


  1. Fill out the order form.
  2. You only need to take a photo from the shoulders up or from the back up if the subject has long hair. The best position to take a profile picture is when the subject's whole body is turned in profile preferably taken against a white wall. It is also best if the subject’s mouth is closed. 3/4 views are not acceptable.
  3. For pets: Please send a sampling of full figure images of your pet. Often pets are better if painted in a full body horizontal direction however a vertical “bust” only option is also available.
  4. For color selection you can refer to an actual Benjamin Moore paint chip or a virtual color gallery

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There is a re-do fee if the client wants changes after the portrait has been made. There is no fee if the portrait needs to be re-made due to artist's mistake or error or if damaged in route.

Benjamin Moore paint chip samples are only meant to be a guide for a chosen color and not an exact match. The artist will do his best to match the selected color as much as possible.

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